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Online Basic Mediation Training Jan 2023
Online Basic Mediation Training Jan 2023
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This 30-hour Part 146 & CDRC approved training will be provided live on Zoom from Monday, January 9th - Friday, January 13th

between 9:30 am - 4:30 pm daily. The size of this training is deliberately limited due to the interactive nature and individualized attention,

so we encourage you to sign up now.

The training will examine the dynamics of conflict and the skills mediators should use within their roles as neutrals to help facilitate dialogue

and potential understanding. During the training we will explore questions like: 

  • What is mediation and how does it compare to other forms of alternative dispute resolution? 
  • What are the core skills I need to be an effective mediator? 
  • What are the foundational values of mediation? 
  • How can I identify and respond to power imbalances? 
  • How can I identify and respond to different values, cultural norms, and biases? 
  • What is my role as a mediator?
  • What are the best practices for online mediation? 
  • What is a successful mediation? 

There will be a variety of learning methods used in the training including: 

  • simulations
  • role plays
  • practice exercises
  • video clips
  • dedicated question & answer sessions


Because of the interactive nature of the training, attendees should be prepared to log onto Zoom with their camera on

throughout the entire training.


Chris Daly Esq. will be the lead trainer and will be joined by NYPI staff and coaches. The cost of this training is $1,475.00.

If you would like to set up a payment plan, please email with your preferred plan (including dates and payment amounts).

Scholarships are available


CLE credit will be offered pending approval of accreditation of this course. The course is appropriate for non-attorneys, newly

admitted attorneys, and/or experienced attorneys.


Applicants who enroll and complete this online BMT are eligible, and their applications are favored, for our Apprenticeship Program.

Additionally, applicants who are interested in joining our roster of volunteer mediators may be eligible to do so depending upon

completion of our apprenticeship and additional training.


Please note that pursuant to Part 146, court-based mediation rosters require both a combination of mediation training and experience

mediating. Acceptance on court rosters depends on a court's need for mediators at any given time and may include a court's need for

mediators with specific case-type training or experience and mediation experience. Final placement on any court roster is at the

discretion of the local Administrative Judge.


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