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Fall 2021 Apprenticeship
Fall 2021 Apprenticeship
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New York Peace Institute’s Apprenticeship is a structured hands-on learning experience that blends classroom instruction with case observation and real mediation. This program is designed to equip you to become a volunteer mediator with New York Peace Institute. However, we also support the learning and development of individuals wishing to gain mediator skills and credentials for their outside practice.


Apprentices learn and practice concepts introduced in the Basic Mediation Training with greater depth in a small group setting. The course is also designed to prepare apprentices to pass New York Peace Institute’s evaluation.


Our program is approved by New York State’s Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Court Improvement Programs and is geared toward recruiting a diverse and qualified cadre of Community Dispute Resolution Center Program volunteer mediators. In other words, our goal is to train, develop, and support individuals who are passionate about mediation.



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